Streamlining Railcar Fleet Operations for Maximum Efficiency and Asset Utilization


Established in 1986.

Rocky Mountain Transportation Services, Inc. boasts a track record of over three decades in the railcar equipment acquisition, leasing and management industry. Our success is underscored by our ability to consistently source and deploy a wide variety of railcars, leading to enduring relationships with both our customers and suppliers. RMTS prides itself on its seasoned team of creative railcar and logistics experts. Our specialization lies in securing general-purpose and pressurized tank cars within the energy sector. Furthermore, we facilitate the procurement of a diverse range of railcars, including covered hoppers, open-top hoppers, flatcars,, gondolas, and boxcars.

RMTS brings to the table a team of highly experienced creative railcar & logistics professionals.

At RMTS, we specialize in optimizing railcar fleets and putting your assets to work. We understand that maintaining surplus railcars can be costly, and that’s why we want to help you turn them into a source of revenue.

Don’t let your railcars sit idle any longer. Let’s work together to turn them into a source of revenue. Contact us today to explore how RMTS can make a difference for your business.



We specialize in securing general purpose and pressurized tankcars across the energy spectrum. Additionally, we facilitate markets covered and open-top hoppers, flats, gondolas and boxcars.


We have a wide network of shippers and partners to connect your railcars with the right opportunities.


Our team excels at fleet optimization, ensuring your assets are put to work efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Entrusting us with your railcars means less worry and more profit.

Optimize Your Fleet

Not only can we help you monetize your surplus railcars, but we can also optimize your entire fleet. Our team of experts excels at strategically locating railcars in areas with high demand, ensuring that your assets are always where they’re needed most. This not only increases your revenue but also reduces idle time and maintenance costs.

Monetize Your Surplus Railcars

Don’t allow your railcars to sit idle when they have the potential to generate income. By partnering with RMTS to manage and market your surplus railcars, you can unlock their earning potential and optimize your returns. With our extensive network and years of experience in fleet optimization, we are the ideal choice for maximizing your railcar assets


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